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The following are only a few of the thousands of customer testimonials that we have received. Find out what your fellow motorcycle riders are saying about their Geza Gear patented Pro-Stretch Motorcycle Covers.

I have had a Geza Gear Motorcycle Cover for my two Honda ST1100's since 1996 and have logged about 75,000 miles on the bikes in that time...the GEZA COVER has covered the bike when outside overnight in at least twenty five States and a few Canadian Provinces and still looks as good as new, and still fits as good as new. A top quality product with an apparently long and useful life. - Bob - Honda ST1100

Hi Guys! I bought a Pro-PLUS Series Motorcycle Cover from you folks last year and was really happy with the way it fit my 02 Yamaha R1. It has been a year now and about 20,000 miles later, yea that is right 20,000 miles on the cover. I travel for a living and take my bike every where I go. The cover has been through snow, rain and you name it, with it fitted on my bike in the back of my pickup truck. The cover still fits as well as it did when I first put it on my bike. It looks as good as new even though it has been washed a few times as well. The Geza Pro-Stretch Cover is worth every penny I paid for it. My next bike will have a Geza Gear Pro-Stretch Cover for sure. Thanks, Rod - Yamaha R1

Wow, saw these at Daytona during bike week and everyone I talked to who owned a Geza Motorcycle Cover had nothing but praise for them. I have been using your cover on my Harley Road King ever since, fits like a glove. Now, I can praise your covers as well...Very satisfied. - Bill - Harley Davidson ROAD KING

Once I got "Used" to the cover, it was awesome. Stuffs like a sleeping bag into the sack; which fits perfectly in the tankbag. Will send the photos from Cape Breton, yet the side bags are off, so the cover will appear loose. Pay attention to the "water rivulets" on the front of fairing. Cover literally saved our butts in Yarmouth, N.S. as Sea Fog was so dense as to be supersaturated. Wondering whether to use your Geza motorcycle cover or the BMW cover for winter storage...Your product is far superior! - Mark - BMW R1150RT

I just picked up a BMW K1200LT and the parts people at my dealership only recommended your motorcycle cover. When I saw how compact it was (about 75% smaller than the stock LT cover) and how perfectly it fit, and the quality of construction, I easily knew why they recommended it so highly. You definitely make a cover worthy to protect my investment. - Stephen - BMW K1200LT

I bought the Sport Classic Series Cover and you requested an update on it's performance. "Exceptional fit & performance" is my description in short. I have used it in varying weather conditions and it always met expectations. It fits the bike perfectly, with or without my side & top cases. One of my better buys. Regards. - Roger - Yamaha FJR 1300

I'm a longtime and very satisfied owner of a Geza Pro-Series motorcycle cover for my CBR1100XX, your covers are THE BEST no questions about it. So, I'm getting a cover for my good friend's new CBR954, as a Christmas/Birthday present. I'm sure he'll be very happy with it. - Mike - Honda CBR1100XX

motorcycle cover motorcycle cover motorcycle cover

Hey guys, just wanted to say that my Geza Gear Pro Stretch Cover fits my 2003 Harley Davidson Fatboy like a glove. Thanks Geza Gear! I wouldn't trust my baby under anyone but Geza Gear! - Travis - Harley FatBoy

I purchased an Elite-Series motorcycle cover for my Honda GL 1800 and it fits beautifully. The construction and quality of the cover is superb! What I also like about the cover is that I have the ability to just fit the cover over my trunk when my pipes are still hot (see picture), and then when the pipes cool, I can pull the cover lower to fit over the side bags and also the pipes. Geza Covers are an exemplary example of form truly following function! - Kurt - Honda GL1800

motorcycle cover motorcycle cover motorcycle cover

I got my Geza Cover for my Honda CBR 929 a few weeks ago, this cover is the best product I bought for my bike ever. The cover fits like a glove and it is just what I wanted and more. There is nothing to say negative about this cover, the service was great, the price was perfect, and no other cover I have seen can match the quality of this Geza Cover. I recommend this cover to anyone who owns a bike. - Mike - Honda CBR 929

Okay, you Geza Gear guys!!!! I've ordered many motorcycle covers from you before and can truly say that I have never used any other cover that I have liked more than yours. One time, I wore an area in my cover due to the handlebar end abrading it again and again. You folks added a second layer in that area...for free! I was very impressed, to say the least. And you can quote me any old time! - Bill - Suzuki Intruder 1500

I tow my Harley FXD on the back of my MotorCoach and the Geza Cover has performed perfectly. It has kept my bike well protected. Thank you. - John - Harley Davidson FXD

I want you to know how satisfied I am with your Geza stretch motorcycle cover products. As a repeat customer I speak with experience when I say there is no better bike cover on the market. The fit, finish, quality and durability of Geza covers, particularly the Pro-PLUS Series, are second to none. I use mine every day when I park my bike at work. Unlike the other bikes I see uncovered, mine still looks new despite the fact that it sits in the sun for ten hours a day. The cover has also been effective in protecting the bike from airborne debris stirred up from heavy winds. It always stays in place and I never have to worry about it. I am using them on my Ducati's [ST4 and Monster S4] now, and have previously used Geza motorcycle covers on my HD ElectraGlide Standard and Honda VFR 800. I have no trouble packing the cover in my back pack either. It's compact, light and easy to take along with me. You guys make an outstanding product and are a first class company that provides tremendous value and service for your customers. Thanks from a very satisfied customer. - Greg Ducati ST4

The cover fits great and the Kevlar inserts are well placed. I have been using the cover daily and have had no problems. - Brad - Aprilia Futura

I received the cover today. It exceeds any expectations that I had. It fits wonderful and looks great! Do you need any pictures for your files? I plan on posting a photo on one of the Aprilia forums. Hope you don't mind. - Kevin - Aprilia SL1000 Falco

Well, the GEZA cover now has 110,000 miles on it and the cover is still working fine and looking good after two cross country trips, a few trips to Tennessee, WVA, etc., and another to Newfoundland from which I just returned. The cover has seen most of the US and a fair amount of the Canadian Provinces at this point and still retains its shape and good looks when on the bike. The stuff bag is another question, however. It is now in shreds and I nearly lost the GEZA somewhere in New Brunswick when it started to unfold out it's stuff sack on my trunk rack...hoping you can replace the sack for me. - Bob - Goldwing 1500

** After 110,000 miles of hard use, we most certainly replaced his stuff bag! We are looking forward to hearing from Bob after his next 100,000 mile excursion! - Tom

Gentlemen, When you offered to modify the Geza cover so the loops attached to the shifter and rear brake on my Moto Guzzi Titanium I knew I had lucked onto the right company. The motorcycle cover fits perfectly, looks great and gets daily comments. It is so easy to install and remove that I use it even when going to lunch. Now I have decided to get rid of the sackcloth on the BMW PD, BMW R60/2 and '78 Le Mans in favor of Geza and I'll even send one to my son for his R1200GS. Great product!!! - Paul - Moto Guzzi Titanium

I have been using Geza Gear motorcycle covers for over 5 years on 4 different bikes. Because of the cover's stretchability and adaptability I have several times been able to simply use my existing cover on my new bike. We live in a motorhome and travel around the USA towing our pickup truck with a special rack allowing us to carry the bike in its bed area and because of this, the bike and cover see more "wear and tear" than usual. I have used my bike and Geza Cover in this set-up for more than 45,000 miles and am completely satisfied with the Geza Gear Cover. In all this time and all these miles the Geza Gear Cover has never put any kind of mark or blemish on any of my bikes and I strongly believe that this is the only cover I could use in this way. I am often asked about the Geza Cover during our travels and keep singing its praises and highly recommending it to everyone who asks. In addition to all of the cover's technical assets, we have always found Geza Gear to be most accommodating and helpful with our special needs and more than fair in all its dealings with us. - Allen - BMW 1150GS

I have been very pleased with your product. You have A1 customer satisfaction. - Alex - HONDA ST1100

We took our KLR 650 (towed on an open trailer with the PRO-SERIES Cover) to the Honda Hoot in Knoxville, TN and then over to Bryson City, NC then back here to Mt Airy. The Geza cover is one of (probably THE very best) the best products that I have ever used. It worked perfect on the KLR all the way. It covered all that needed to be covered and kept the important things dry and clean. We did not have too much rain on the road, but while in Knoxville it rained pretty good a couple of nights. I had the cover on, and I was amazed at how the water beaded up and ran off!! I could not be happier. - Richard - Kawasaki KLR 650

I love the Geza cover. It is always under my seat for when I need it, which is everyday at work. - Mark - Suzuki Hayabusa

Thanks for the information you provided in our recent conversation, but most of all thanks for a great product. We have owned a Geza Gear Motorcycle Cover for three years and have towed our GL1500 behind our motor home over 20,000 miles in all kinds of weather. Sorry, we don't need to buy a new one, as our "old one" is still in great shape. It is everything you said it was three years ago. We attached photos indicative of the best and the worst times. Thanks again. - Doug - Honda GL 1500

Great protection, even from loads of SNOW!

The second I put the Pro-Stretch cover on my bike I knew I would be very very happy with my investment. It looks sharp as hell and protects my bike from dust, fading, hot seats and the ever popular white spots left from our overhead winged friends. Also, I never have to wait for the bike to cool down to use it and it never knocks my mirrors out of adjustment! I am going to tell everyone and anyone I know who owns a bike to get a hold of a Geza Pro-Stretch Cover. Thanks again for a fantastic product. - Gary - KAW ZX-11

Finally, a cover that does not flap in the wind to scratch my paint. Excellent cover. - Rick - BMW R1100S

Greetings Geza Folks. Attached is a photo of the X-Lge cover on my Ultra Classic/DFT trike. Towed her from KC to FL with no major problems. The weather was stinko but the cover stayed put. Other than some road grime and a few minor adjustments the cover did its job. The additional tie down points are a great addition. I am a satisfied customer. Thanks! - Bill - Harley Ultra Classic / DFT Trike

Just want to compliment your company on a well designed cover. It is easy to put on and take off and fits easily under the seat. The great thing is, it fits tight and keeps my bike clean. Plus it LOOKS GREAT. I will definitely tell others about your Pro-Stretch Motorcycle Covers. Thanks for a great product. - Robert -   CBR 600

I purchased the Geza Gear Cover a few years ago and have traveled all over the country with my cycle in tow with the cover on. I have had no problems with the cover and have praised its compact and protective qualities to all my friends. To date, 4 friends have purchased Geza Covers. - John - GSXR 750

I finally got to use my new cover on a trip I made this weekend. The cover fits my 2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport perfectly. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks, Joe - Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

Just wanted to say that the motorcycle cover fits perfectly and is a big hit! Thank you so much for all your help. The old cover went into the garbage last night! - Jennifer - BMW K1100RS

I need to write and let you know how well the Geza cover has protected my bike. I bought one for my Ducati 900 about 5 years ago and I use it everyday outdoors at work to keep the sun off my bike. To this day, my bike is still in immaculate condition, no fading at all and no scratches from the cover, not even on my windshield. Thank you for such a superb product. - Scott - Ducati 900

I have been using your Elite Cover on my '98 GoldWing when I travel and when I tow it behind my motorhome. Works like a charm. When I am stopped at traffic lights people ask me where I got the cover. Maybe I could rep for you and make some money while on vacation! Thanks for an outstanding cover. - Robert - GL1500

I have dealt with many companies over my lifetime and few have cared about their customers like yours. Keep up the good work. - Stephen - TRIUMPH DAYTONA 1200

Excellent as usual! - Gary - Ducati 999

"This cover is the best I have owned!! - James" YAM R1

I know this sounds stupid coming from a guy who paid over twenty grand on a Harley, but I have to admit that I thought the Geza Pro-Stretch Motorcycle Cover was a bit pricey considering the other covers available. But I needed something to protect my bike for towing to Daytona for Bike Week and my dealer strongly recommended your cover. To make a long story short, I have towed my bike to 4 Bike Weeks with your cover protecting it; that is over 10,000 miles and it has protected my bike beautifully every time. It will also accompany me and my friends (they all have Geza Covers too) to Sturgis. So, regarding your covers, you get what you pay for, and with your covers I really have gotten much more. - Walter - Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Hello, I received my cover for a '04 GoldWing 1800. I am very satisfied that the cover is what I wanted. It is also easy to put on and hardly takes up much storage space. Top quality!. - John - GL 1800

Let me just say this. My Geza Cover will never be left at home when I go touring. Takes up very little space, simple to put on, fits perfectly, and I do not have early morning wet seats problems anymore. - Chris - BMW R1100RT

Just got the Geza motorcycle cover and it fits great even with the windshield installed! Now I am ready to tow my bike to Florida! - Kevin - Moto Guzzi 750

motorcycle cover motorcycle cover

I live in Anchorage Alaska and purchased the Geza Elite Series Cover for my Honda CBR600f4i this summer. This thing fits like a glove, is easy to pack wherever I go, dries easily and keeps the rain/bugs off my bike after I ride or wash it. Well worth the money spent. I haven't seen too many in Anchorage, but hopefully will soon. When towing, it doesn't even flutter in the back of my truck. Thanks for the awesome product. Mike - Honda CBR F4

motorcycle cover I purchased the Pro-PLUS motorcycle cover as a Christmas present to myself for my 2003 Honda ST1300. I was impressed by not only the cover but also with the excellent customer service and fast shipment of my cover. Everything was exactly as described on the web-site and the quality and fit of the cover is perfect. I have used the cover every day since I received it. It is easy to install and remove. The cover stores easily in the storage bag and doesn't take up a lot of space in my hard bag. My ST has the factory Hondaline trunk installed. The cover looks and fits just as well on the bike with or without the trunk. I highly recommend this cover. I couldn't be happier with my purchase experience. Thanks! - Mike - Honda ST1300

I cannot remember who I talked to but the gentleman on the phone was great in assisting me in my Geza Motorcycle Cover purchase. I have looked at many different covers and spent a lot of time on the internet trying to find the best cover for my bike. Well it is clear that Geza Covers have a very loyal following. Everyone I chatted with had nothing but excellent things to say about them. Plus, I have never seen one that fits and looks as awesome as yours. I use it everyday and it works perfectly. I am now another one of your loyal followers. Thanks for your time. - Stan - Yamaha R6

I get as many compliments on my GEZA COVER as I do on my new Ducati 916! . - Would you believe I can get the cover to fit under my seat!...Ducati's should come with Geza Covers as standard factory equipment. Great product. - Mark - DUCATI 916

It's a great motorcycle cover, the best one I've come across...My girlfriend also got a new VFR and I would like to get one for her. Thanks for making quality product. - Chad - VFR 750

To the owner of Geza Gear. I have been using your Pro-Stretch Motorcycle Covers for several years on my pristinely maintained Yamaha Royal Star and am very pleased with it, but it gets better. Two months ago, my wife got a cat and it managed to get into the garage unnoticed, which is off limits to the furry thing. Unnoticed that is, until I saw the scratch marks all over my wife's car and then scratch marks all over my Geza Cover which was fortunately on my bike. With shaking hands and more than a few choice words, I removed the clawed up cover to reveal absolutely no scratches on my seat, fairing and gas tank. Wow, I could not believe it, the cover totally protected my bike, not a single scratch on it. But I mentioned it gets better. I sent the cover back to Geza to see what they could do if anything and within 3 weeks it was repaired like new and there was no charge at all. Either your company is a cat lover or you just have the best customer service and product anywhere. You have a customer for life. - Jeff - Yamaha Royal Star

About a month ago I bought a Geza Elite Motorcycle Cover for my bike to take on a road trip that me and friends were going on. Well, going through Atlanta we encountered a hail storm so bad we had to pull over. I immediately put the Geza Cover on my bike (my friends did not have one) and we ran under a tiny tree for protection. As the hail pelted our bikes I noticed that they were bouncing off the top of my cover, like a trampoline, not smacking my gas tank at all. After 15 minutes, it stopped hailing but the damage on my friend's bikes was extensive. Mine was 100% undamaged. The Pro-Stretch Cover being suspended from the windshield over the gas tank to the rear seat fairing had enough distance between the fabric and my bike to keep the falling hail from hitting my gas tank and the stretchiness of the material literally caused the hail to bounce off the cover without contacting my bike. Oh, the cover held up too, no wear or damage at all. It paid for itself many times over in that one instance. I am very glad I bought it, my friends wished they had too. - Greg - Suzuki TL1000

...And the letters keep coming. We want to hear from you, tell us your story and send us a picture of your bike and cover.

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